The workshop aims at improving the exchange of ideas between the different research communities  and  practitioners involved in the research on semantic personalized information management. The workshop focuses especially on people that are working on the Social or Semantic Web, machine learning, user modelling, recommender systems, information retrieval, semantic interaction, or their combination. Our goal is to bring together researchers and practitioners to initiating discussions on the different requirements and challenges coming with the Social and Semantic Web for personalized information retrieval systems.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited, to the following aspects:

  • Knowledge Modeling and Engineering
    • Ontology-based user modelling and user model aggregation
    • Exploiting Linked Open Data for PIM
  • Applications for SPIM
    • Systems that create, exploit, and evaluate semantic technologies for improving PIM
    • Semantic search: information retrieval, extraction and filtering
    • Personalized search: ranking integration, privacy issues, novelty and serendipity
    • Semantic and context aware recommendation systems
  • Social Networks and their analysis
  • Opining mining and Social Web
  • Personalized interaction in mobile, ubiquitous and context-aware computing
  • Use of semantic technologies in HCI
  • Hybridizing Semantic Web and Machine Learning techniques for PIM
  • New personalization algorithms for large semantic data sets