Finding and managing information on the Web is a crucial task in our everyday life. Therefore, web information systems (WIS) like search engines or question answering systems have become an essential tool for the majority of users for finding information on the Web. While today’s WIS are adequate for most simple, keyword-based retrieval tasks, they still struggle to understand a users intention behind a query and to deliver information in a personalized way. With the rise of the Social and Semantic Web, new opportunities emerge for semantic web information systems to better match user needs.

The SPIM workshop aims at investigating new challenges and requirements for web based information systems that arise with the advent of the Social and Semantic Web. The scope ranges from new solutions how to manage the huge amount of information (user generated content, semantic web sources, etc.) in the back-end to new systems and algorithms to take advantage of the information to improve improve the quality of search results and thus better satisfy the users’ information need.

Of special interest are practical approaches and ideas that aggregate social data from different applications or combine data from social platforms like Facebook with Semantic Web and Linked Open Data ( sources to enhance the performance of WIS. While there is already research done in the area, no standards or commonly agreed techniques are available. This workshop can prepare the ground for a standardized techniques allowing data and knowledge exchange between IR systems.